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Wet Switch Flood Detector

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  • Solid state control
  • Turns system off when detecting moisture
  • 24V
  • Integral feet raise the hydrophilic pad and sensor array off the drain pan slightly to prevent nuisance tripping and pan corrosion (metal pans only) from interfering with the sensor array
  • High tech polymeric fiber quickly draws water into the sensor array using proven capillary technology and detects even a minimal amount of water drawn into the hydrophilic pad
  • Multiple unit connectivity allows for multiple wet switches to be connected in series to adequately cover large drain pan areas
  • Power supply to the wet switch is 24VAC, the standard power available on most air handler units, making hookup quick and easy since there is no need to run different power to the switch
  • Double throw relay allows for wiring to interrupt the system and to sound an alarm (by others) when moisture is detected
  • When the wet switch activates, it locks out the call for cool circuit on the air conditioner until the switch is manually reset preventing continuing damage in cases where the overflow water drains out of the pan, onto the surrounding ceiling

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Flood Detector



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