Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module


Honeywell S8910U 1000 (P/N. S8910U1000) 55422 Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module Replacement

  • Field selectable dip switches
  • Expands cross reference to over 800 controls
  • Warm up time enhancement- Four most popular timings
  • Trial for ignition
  • Pre-purge
  • Simplified LED Diagnostics- Tri-color LED, simpler codes
  • Micrometer ports for reading flame current – Test quality of igniter

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Universal hot surface ignition module replaces multiple field installed hot surface ignition modules supplied by Honeywell, White-Rodgers, Robertshaw and Johnson. Uses a 120 VAC igniter. Includes cross reference, instructions, and accessories for easy replacement.


  • Replaces over 800 White-Rodgers, Robertshaw and Honeywell hot surface ignition models.
  • For 120 Vac (up to 5.0A) surface igniter (Norton 201/271 or equivalent).
  • S8910U 3000 Series has LED status indicator and microammeter ports for easy trouble shooting
  • For local (single rod) or remote (dual rod) rectification type flame sensing.
  • Contains easy-to-use cross reference and instructions plus the accessories required to replace the existing hot surface ignition module.
  • Provides one or three ignition trials (four-second or seven-second trials) per call for heat.
  • Field selectable number of ignition trials and trial time based on unit being replaced.


Control voltage: 24VAC @ 50 Hz; 60 Hz |HSI electrical voltage: 120VAC |Prepurge: 32 seconds |Number of ignition trials: Single or 3, field selectable |Trial for ignition: 4 seconds or 7 seconds, field selectable |Between trial purge: 96 seconds (with three trials selected)

Used With: VR8305


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