Universal Electronic Fan Timer Control For Gas Warm Air Appliances


Universal Electronic Fan Timer with Adjustable Heat

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The ST9120U1011 monitors the thermostat for heat, cool and fan demands, runs the induced draft blower motor and runs the circulating fan (up to two speeds) as needed. It also monitors limit switch strings and energizes ignition control. In short, this one little unit packs a big punch, making it a smart choice for your applications as well as your business.


  • Description: Twinning capability, with 5 amp. Fuse
  • Application: Integrates control of combustion blower and circulating fan operations for a gas warm air appliance
  • Heat Fan On Delay: adj. set at 30 sec
  • Heat Fan Off Delayz: adj. set at 140 sec
  • Cool Fan On Delay: adj. 4-30 sec, (set at 4 sec)
  • Cool Fan Off Delay: fixed 30 sec
  • Temperature Range, Ambient (F): -40 F to +175 F
  • Temperature Range, Ambient (C): -40 C to +79 C

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs

Fan Control

Heat ON Time Delay

30 Seconds, 60 Seconds

Heat OFF Time Delay

180 Seconds 150 Seconds 120 Seconds 60 Seconds


50-60 Hz

Cool Blower ON Delay

4 Seconds, 30 Seconds

Cool OFF Time Delay

30 Seconds 60 Seconds

Cross References

See Install Instructions File (Table 3. Recommended Default Dip Switch Settings).

Replaced Control Model Number :

ST9101A1006, ST9101A1014, ST9101A1022, ST9120A1006, ST9120A2004, ST9120B1005, ST9120C1012, ST9120C1020, ST9120C2002, ST9120C2010, ST9120C2028, ST9120C3000, ST9120C3018, ST9120C4008, ST9120C4016, ST9120C4040, ST9120C4057, *ST9120C5005, *ST9120C5013, *ST9120D3009, ST9120G2008, ST9120G2016, ST9120G2024, ST9120G2032, ST9120G4004, ST9120G4012, ST9120G4038, ST9120U1003, ST9141A1002, ST9160B1035, ST9160B1068, ST9160B1076, ST9160B1084, *ST9120U Factory Default Setting.

*Heat fan off delay setting may need adjustment based on performance. See Fig. 10 to adjust timings.NOTE: Timings may not be exactly the same as the replaced control and adjustments may need to be made.


  • ST9120U1011 Install Instructions


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