Air Pressure Switch -1.20 I.W.C. (Grey Dot)


Air Pressure Switch -1.20 I.W.C. (Grey Dot)

Honeywell SWITCH PRESSURE 9371VO-HS-0096, Goodman/Janitrol 0130F00001P

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Goodman-Amana 0130F00001P 1/4″ Barb Connection SPST Pressure Switch

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Weight 0.10 lbs
Dimensions 2.30 × 1.70 × 0.40 in

Cross References

Partial List of Goodman/Amana/Janitrol Units that use this Switch:

AMH950453BX AMH950453BXAA AMH950453BXAB AMH950453BXAC AMH950704CX AMH950704CXAA AMH950704CXAB AMH950704CXAC AMH950904CX AMH950904CXAA AMH950904CXAB AMH950904CXAC AMH950904CXAD AMH950905DX AMH950905DXAA AMH950905DXAB AMH950905DXAC AMH951155DX AMH951155DXAA AMH951155DXAB AMH951155DXAC AMH951155DXAD AMS950904CX AMS950904CXAB AMS950904CXA AMS950904CXA GKS90453BX GKS90453BXAB GKS90453BXAC GKS90453BXAD GKS90703BX GKS90703BXAB GKS90703BXAC GKS90703BXAD GKS90703BXAE GKS90703BXAF GKS90704CX GKS90704CXAB GKS90704CXAC GKS90704CXAD GKS90904CX GKS90904CXAB GKS90904CXAC GKS90904CXAD GKS91155DX GKS91155DXAB GKS91155DXAC GKS91155DXAD GKS91155DXAE GMH950453BX GMH950453BXAA GMH950453BXAB GMH950453BXAC GMH950704CX GMH950704CXAA GMH950704CXAB GMH950704CXAC GMH950904CX GMH950904CXAA GMH950904CXAB GMH950904CXAC GMH950904CXAD GMH950905DX GMH950905DXAA GMH950905DXAB GMH950905DXAC GMH951155DX GMH951155DXAA GMH951155DXAB GMH951155DXAC GMH951155DXAD GMS90804C2 GMS90804C2AA GMS950904CX GMS950904CXAB GMS950904CXA GMS950904CXA WGFM195045S3B WGFM195045S3BAB WGFM195045S3BAC WGFM195070S4C WGFM195070S4CAB WGFM195070S4CAC WGFM195090S4C WGFM195090S4CAC WGFM195090S4CAD WGFM195090S5D WGFM195090S5DAB WGFM195090S5DAC WGFM195115S5D WGFM195115S5DAC WGFM195115S5DAD


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