1/2″ 24v Standing Pilot Natural Gas Valve (130,000 BTU)


  • Compact Size
  • Solenoid Operated First Automatic Valve Opens on Thermostat Call for Heat, Closes When Call for Heat Ends
  • Diaphragm Operated Second Automatic Valve Opens Under Control of Regulator
  • Closes If Gas or Power Supply is Interrupted
  • Meets Codes Requiring Dual Safety Shut-Off
  • Lite-Rite (Off-Pilot-On) Lighting Sequence
  • All Adjustments, Wiring Connections and Pilot Outlet are Accessible from Top of Control
  • Adjustable Servo Regulator Effectively Maintains Almost Constant Gas Output Pressure Under Wide Fluctuations in Gas Supply Pressure
  • Compatible with ECO Connector
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  • Solenoid Gas Valve
  • Type Standing Pilot Operated, 1-Stage, Straight-Through, Diaphragm
  • Port Connection 1/2 Inch Compression x 1/2 Inch Compression
  • Input Supply Rating 24 Volt AC at 60 Hertz
  • Temperature Rating 0 to 175 Deg F
  • Pressure Rating 1/2 PSI
  • Mounting Details 0 to 90 Degree in any Direction from Upright Position of Gas Control Knob, Including Vertically
  • Media Handled Gas
  • Inclusions/Features (1) 3/4 Inch Straight Flange, (1) 1/2 Inch x 3/8 Inch Reducer Bushing, Natural to Liquid Propane Conversion Kit, Standard Opening, Manual Valve, (2) Automatic Operator, Servo Pressure Regulator and Pilot Adjustment, Low Voltage
  • Application Residential Gas Fired Appliance
  • Applicable Standard UL, CSA
  • Overall Dimension 4-1/8 Inch Width x 3-1/4 Inch Depth x 5-3/16 Inch Height
  • Pressure Regulator Setting 3.5 Inch WC
  • Pressure Tapping Size 1/8 Inch Threaded with Plug
  • Flow Capacity 20 to 200 CFH
  • Electrical Connection 1/4 Inch Quick Connect Male Terminal

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 4 in
Fuel Type

Natural Gas

Gas Type

Natural Gas

Body Pattern




Capacity (BTU)


Inlet Size


Outlet Size


Cross References

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  • Precautionary Info
  • Installation Instructions
  • Specification Sheet
  • NG to LP Conversion Guide


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