3/4″ Gas Valve, 24V, Proven Pilot Valve, Electric On/Off Switch, Slow Opening


  • Convertible Natural/Liquid Propane Gas
  • Adjustable Regulator
  • Inlet/Outlet Screen
  • Pilot Port Plugged for Hot Surface and Direct Spark Ignition Systems, Remove Plug for Intermittent / Proven Pilot Systems
  • Electric On-Off Switch and Convenient Quick Connect Coil Terminals
  • Tamper Resistant Screw and Controlled Gasket Compression to Withstand High Inlet Pressures
  • Mounting Position Upright, or 0 to 90 Degree from Upright in any Direction


  • Gas Valve
  • Type 1-Stage, Slow Open, Universal
  • Nominal Size 3/4 Inch
  • End Connection Female Threaded x Female Threaded
  • Temperature Rating -40 to 175 Deg F
  • Pressure Rating 1/2 PSI
  • Inclusions/Features HSI/DSI, Proven Pilot, Intermittent Pilot, Convertible Natural/Liquid Propane Gas Kit, Reducer Bushing Kit, Pressure Tap
  • Exclusions Side Tap
  • Application Electronic Ignition System
  • Applicable Standard CSA (Canada and US)
  • Fuel Type Natural/Liquid Propane
  • Pilot Gas Connection 1/4 Inch Compression Fitting
  • Pressure Tap Connection 1/8 Inch Threaded
  • Capacity 3000000 BTU/Hour (Natural Gas), 486000 BTU/Hour (Liquid Propane Gas)
  • Overall Dimension 3.259 Inch Width x 5 Inch Height

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 7 × 4 in
Inlet Size


Outlet Size




Capacity (BTU)


Cross References

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