3/4″ SmartValve Intermittent Hot Surface Pilot Ignition Control


  • The Smartvalve System Controls Combine Gas Flow Control and Electronic Intermittent Pilot Sequencing Functions into a Single Unit
  • The Q3450 or Q3480 Pilot Hardware Supplies the Low Voltage Igniter, Flame Sensor and Pilot Burner
  • These Ignition System Controls Provide All Gas Ignition Safety Functions by Controlling Gas Flow, Ignition Source and a 120/240 Volt AC Combustion Air Blower
  • The Controls also Monitor the Appliance Airflow Proving Switch and Limit String to Assure Proper Appliance Operation and Provide Prepurge, Postpurge and Timed Trial for Pilot Ignition with 100 Percent Shut-Off and Continuous Retry
  • These Controls Communicate Directly with an Electronic Fan Timer (St9160 Electronic Fan Timer for 1-Stage Application, St9162 Electronic Fan Timer for 2-Stage Applications) in Typical Forced Warm Air Furnace Applications
  • It Can Directly Interface with the Appropriate Power Supplies and a System Thermostat for Additional Appliance Applications
  • When Controlled Directly by a Thermostat, These Controls Do Not Provide a Postpurge Function, Because Power to the Control is Removed When the Thermostat Call for Heat Ends
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  • Gas Control Valve
  • Type Standard Opening, Straight-Through
  • Nominal Size 3/4 Inch
  • End Connection Threaded x Threaded
  • End to End Distance 3.2 Inch
  • Input Supply Rating 24 Volt AC at 50/60 Hertz
  • Temperature Rating -40 to 175 Deg F
  • Pressure Rating 1/2 PSI
  • Inclusions/Features (2) 3/4 Inch x 1/2 Inch Reducer Bushing, Natural to Liquid Propane Conversion Kit, Pilot Gas Outlet
  • Application Fan Assisted Combustion Gas Fired Appliance, Rooftop Furnace, Boiler, Unit/Infrared/Water Heater and Commercial Cooking Unit
  • Applicable Standard CSA
  • Overall Dimension 4.1 Inch Length x 4.9 Inch Height
  • Ignition Type Intermittent Hot Surface Pilot
  • Flow Capacity 30000 to 415000 BTU/Hour
  • Pressure Tapping Size 1/8 Inch Threaded
  • Pressure Regulator Set Point 3.5 Inch WC

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 4 in
Fuel Type

Natural Gas

Gas Type

Natural Gas

Body Pattern




Ignition Trial Time

90 Seconds

Inlet Size


Outlet Size


Ignition Type

Direct Hot Surface Pilot

Cross References

SV9540M2229, SV9540M2245, SV9540M2260, SV9540M2278, SV9541M2094, SV9541M2094, SV9640M3126, SV9640M4116, SV9640M4124, SV9640M4132, 1013350, HQ1013350HW, 11J28-04979-001, 11J28-04979-002, 11J28-04980-002, 11J28-04980-003, 11J28-04980-004, 440-741-000, 440-742-000, SV9540M2260, SV9540M2245, SV9540M2278, SV9640M4124, SV9640M4116, SV9640M4132, SV9540M2229, SV9541M2094, SV9640M3126


  • Installation Manual


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